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Viva Las Vegas fun casino in Bournemouth, Dorset is an experienced family team, priding themselves on their professionalism
reliability and ability to give their clients an exceptional service.

We operate fun casinos primarily in Dorset and Hampshire providing events in Poole,
Bournemouth, Weymouth, Dorchester, New Forest, Portsmouth, Southampton
Basingstoke, London, Winchester, Salisbury
, Andover and surrounding areas.

Viva Las Vegas are based in Bournemouth and provides fun casino hire in Dorset, Hampshire & Surrounding areas.
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Testimonials from our Fun Casino Hire clients:
'Viva Las Vegas has been hailed as the best casino the Mess has engaged. Guests were impressed by the quality of the equipment, the patience and courtesy of the staff and the professional manner in which the entertainment was organised.'

M.O.D. Andover Hampshire
'We wish to thank you for the degree of professionalism you and your team showed at our Gala Dinner. Your expertise was much appreciated.'
Cicely Foundation Dorset
  'Thank you for the wonderful evening of gambling you gave us. I have had experience of similar events and can honestly say that you beat them all into a cocked hat in terms of your professionalism and the quality of your service'

Andy & Manda Johnson -Chaffeymoor Grange Dorset

'Everyone enjoyed your entertainment. I felt you actually made the evening. It was such a great experience for everyone'


Vanessa - Barbarellas, London
  'From helping to sell the fun money to running the tables you and your colleagues were faultless.'
Cathy Crawley - Royal Southampton Yacht Club.
  'You have been very professional and easy to deal with but best of all you're all really nice annd I'll definately be recommending you.'
Emma Stewart - Fordingbridge Festival, Hampshire
  'The casino was a huge huge success with everybody. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with you and all your staff from start to end.'
Tony & Liz - Wedding Dorset

'A massive thank you. Some of the best money we spent for our wedding. We will be recommending you that's for sure!'


Louise & Nick Carlton Hotel - Bournemouth
  'A big thank you to you all. The personalised fun money was a really great touch - we will be putting some in the wedding album as a keepsake.'
Maria & Chris - Rhinefield House Hampshire, Wedding Fun Casino
  Dear Isabelle & family

Just thought we'd send a little note to say thank you for all your help at our wedding reception. Everyone commented on how fun you all were and how great the fun casino idea was. If we ever have a party in the future, rest assured we would love for you to entertain again! Many thanks again and best wishes for you all.

  Hi Isabelle

We would all like to thank you for Saturday evening helping to make it such a memorable evening for us all. The whole evening went so well and we have has so many lovely comments from the guests about the fun casino.

The casino tables were just right for all the different generations to enjoy especially the children. We were so pleased that 2 young boys won the prize we know how much it will mean to them! A lovely idea to give a prize at the end.

We were impressed by your casino tables, how professional and smart and helpful your all are and as you say it is fun, fun, for all the ages.

We will certainly not hesitate to recommend Viva Las Vegas to any-one in the future. Thank you once again.

Melanie & John - Bournemouth

Viva Las Vegas F
un Casino Hire Ltd
Bournemouth, Dorset - 01202 762339
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